The second album by Taraf de Haïdouks, recorded in Romania in 1994.

Reactions were even warmer than for the 1st album (“Honourable Brigands” was for example voted best world music album of 95 by the German critics association). More extensive tours took place, and a 52 minutes documentary on the band was shot by French director Guy Demoy and co-produced by Crammed and French-German TV channel ARTE.

Tracks list

  1. Spune, Spune, Mos Batrin
  2. Hora Din Caval
  3. Azi Eram Frumoasa, Juna
  4. Tiganeasca
  5. Cind Eram La ’48
  6. Geamparale
  7. Cintec de Dragoste si Joc
  8. Doina Si Cintec
  9. Jalea Tiganilor
  10. Turceasca
  11. Balada Lui Corbea
  12. Sirba
  13. De Ma Deie But De Pau
  14. Briu
  15. Duba, Duba Si Hora
  16. Lelita Circiumareasa